How to get Free Twitter Followers

Today’s Generation is all active on Social Media. Many Famous Social Sites like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, etc. So we all want to show how famous we are on Social Media to our friends, neighbours or to whoever we are connected on social media. So today i will tell you how to Get Free Twitter followers. You will find many sites who will tell you to do surveys for free twitter followers. But trust me these sites will never give you followers. They all have fake generators. Read about How to Get Free Instagram Followers


Free Twitter Followers


About Twitter

So lets’ start. before We start let’s have some statistics of Twitter. According to wikipedia Twitter was founded on  21st March 2006. Headquarters of Twitter are in San Fransico. Founders of Twitter are Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass. There are over 3372 employees in Twitter. There are almost 330 million active users on Twitter. It was launched on July 15 2006.

How To Get Free Twitter Followers

1)Make a Legit and Real Twitter Profile

2) Add a good looking profile Picture

3) Write a good and quality bio about yourself so that people can know exactly about you what you are.

4) Add your Website or Blog if you have it look’s legit

5) Add an Attractive Cover Photo

6) Follow all your friends, relatives, family, known people

7) Write some 3-4 Tweets  daily using #

8) See The trending topics and mention the trending topic in your tweet with #

9) Write the tweet related to trending topics

10) Mostly tweets more on weekends

11) write 8-10 tweets at weekend time

12) Now Start Following your friends Followers they will follow you back

13) Follow your relatives followers they will follow you back

14) Do not follow celebrity because they will never follow you back until and until you are big and famous.

15) Add Some videos in tweets

16) Sometimes post some funny videos in tweets

17) Write Tweets Something Related to News, Political or Global news

18) tag your Friends in your tweets

19) Request your Friends for Retweets and favourites

20) If you have more retweets you will get more followers

So now you can Follow these 20 Tips to gain Free twitter Followers . These 20 tips are easy to follow and will not cost you a single penny. So what are you waiting for just start now. if you are confused about it you can comment below. We will get back to you soon within 24 to 48 hours.


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